Chair Yoga for Seniors

Yoga Therapy


Chair yoga is a great way for older adults to get the wonderful health benefits of yoga.

Staying seated means that even frail seniors or those who aren’t flexible can safely do the exercises.

Yoga is an excellent way for older adults to loosen and stretch painful muscles, reduce stress, and improve circulation. It also reduces anxiety, helps lower blood pressure, protects joints, and builds strength and balance.

Yoga Therapy

Jai expertise includes:
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Emotional Concerns




*Unhealthy attachments*

*Low self esteem*

*Childhood traumas*


*Fear, Insecurities*

*Emotional Eating*


*Chakra realignment*

Physical Concerns

*Chronic fatigue*


*Lower back pain*

*Hips stiffness/injury*

*Heart Center (neck and shoulders)*

*Thyroid Gland*

*Navel Centre (low energy)*

*Gut problems, constipation*



Yoga Therapy is the use of Yoga where there is a specific health need or needs.

Yoga Therapy uses the tools that you would find in many Yoga classes; postures, working with the breath, meditation, awareness of the body and/or mind, relaxation, and these are directed to you personal needs and ability.

The aim of Yoga Therapy is to promote good health for you as a whole - the emphasis of this work may be towards the body, the mind, the emotions or a combination of these.

A health problem may be primarily in one of these aspects, for example, back pain caused by poor posture. Yoga Therapy would then focus on working with the body and Yoga postures. If the back pain is exacerbated by stress, then including Yoga to help calm the mind, for example breathing techniques, will be very useful too.

Our health is a dynamic combination of body and mind. Long term physical conditions are commonly associated with depression and a variety of feelings - sadness, loss, frustration, anger. Our emotional health affects our physical health too, although this is difficult to quantify.

Yoga can bring us awareness of the body and mind; and more understanding of how to help the body, emotions or patterns of thinking and provides a practical approach to developing a positive state of health.  

 Yoga Therapy may be used in an individual, one-to-one session or in small therapy groups and will usually include practicing a series of postures specifically designed around the health needs. It can include working with Yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation or meditative practice and supporting techniques such as relaxation, visualization and using sound.


In House session (1 hour) - £60 or £200 Monthly plan (4/5 weekly sessions)

Outcall session (1 hour) - £80 or £270 Monthly plan (4/5 weekly sessions)