Join us for multi-sensory experience of Kundalini Yoga & Gong Bath combined with healing plant essences of Essential Oils (Therapeutic Grade)!


22nd  July 10:30 - 13:00

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23rd September 10:30 - 13:00


Kundalini Rising - The Awakening of Consciousness 

Unlock your inner potential!

Yogi Bhajan called Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness. Kundalini represents the power of awakening, of being freed from the illusion of the false self into the awareness of the True Self.

The ability to apply the mind toward our intentions, awareness and consciousness is the key to our strength, our happiness and our mastery.

Workshop includes:

Pranayama (Breathing Exercises)
Kriya "Raise Kundalini in Quick Order"
Essential oils (used in our drinking water, skin applications & diffuse to the air)
Restorative Sound Gong Bath
Information about the Oils used

Oils used:

New and Exciting Yoga Oil Collection:

Align - Centering Blend

Anchor - Steadying Blend

Arise - Enlightening Blend

Elevation - Joyful Blend

Serenity - Restful Blend


Investment: £25 (advanced booking up to 22nd September). £30 cash on the door.

Please transfer your payments to the following account in order to complete your booking:

Natalia Sayers

acct 13662468

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OR transfer to PayPal to sing friends and family method

Why I use doTERRA Essential Oils:

We will be using Essential Oils as part of the class. I use doTERRA because they are pure, natural therapeutic grade oils. All of the oils that are used by doTERRA are from plants that are farmed, harvested and processed in ways that are ecologically, ethically and therapeutically sound. As a result, many of the oils can be ingested and put on the skin as well as used for their aroma. This means that we can reap maximum benefit from the powerfully healing qualities of the plants from which they come. I will give you information about the oils that we use on Sunday and if you would like to purchase any please let me know. doTERRA do not sell in shops and I can give you information about how to get the best prices online. I also have many samples so that you can have a play and a smell if you’re curious about other oils. I would NOT recommend using other brands in the way that we do in class due to the quality assurance.

How we will use the Oils:

We will use the oils – in our drinking water, on our skin and to inhale. We 7 - 8 oils in 1 session (5 topical applications ex. wrists, shoulders, foot / 1 with drinking water / 1 or 2 oils diffused to the air). If you have any allergies please let me know now. If you don’t like the scent of any of the oils that we use then please do say so and you can use an alternative. A scent that one person finds nourishing may repel another, so it is important that you recognize your olfactory senses and use scents that feel right for you. Also, please be aware that if you are taking any medications then you may want to check if there are things that you need to avoid (eg, many heart medications cannot be taken with grapefruit).

Benefits of Aroma Yoga

*Relief sore muscles*

*Support respiratory system*

*Cleanse and detoxify your body*

*Calm your nervous system*

*Relieve stress and anxiety*

*Increase natural energy flow*