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Jas Bansal (wednesday evening class)

Hmmm ... what I can I say about this lovely yogi :) I have attended Kundalini Yoga sessions with Jai Satya for some time now, and I can truly state I have enjoyed every lesson given by her (even the hard ones!). She explains the Kriyas really well (i.e. why the movements are effective, etc.) and manages to help you through the difficult ones with her choice of background music which can sometimes leave you in a trance !. She also has an amazing ability with the 'Bath Gongs' (I am completely 'zoned out' by this). Jai has a magnetic personality and I value her classes. She is a talented Kundalini Yoga teacher and I am grateful that I have met her. Kundalini yoga has helped me restructure my thought patterns. I sleep better, feel better in general, and feel more centered after each lesson. It helps me tackle the stresses of modern life and gives me that feel good factor ... Thanks Jai

Kamilla Strzylak (workshop & classes)

I totally love Jai Satya Kundalini yoga session. They are very well prepared and presented. They help me both physically and emotionally. I was able to shift unhelpful patterns following regular sessions attendance.

Charlotte Jones (workshop)

Great location and set up. Classes are very well delivered. The gong bath and use of oils add a wonderful touch. I would definitely recommend.

Jasmin Hassan (one to one)

I have known a lot of great yoga teachers over the years and I feel so lucky to have found such an experienced, skilled professional as Jai located so near to me. Her teaching has the perfect balance of serious practice, fun, gentle encouragement and relaxation. The beautiful, serene, comfortable room is already equipped with mats and rugs so I don’t need to bring any kit. I attend weekly one-to-one as I have to fit in sessions ad hoc around other commitments, and Jai is always very reliable and accommodating around this. I attend the monthly Sunday workshops where Jai expands the practice relating to chakras using an exquisite range of aromatherapy oils, Tibetan bowls and gong therapy. We also get to practice in the garden in the summertime. Highly recommended!

Joanna Huges (wednesday evening class)

Highly recommend yoga and workshops. Environment is beautiful and instantly relaxing. Classes for every level and you will leave feeling lighter and refreshed. Gong bath and Tibetan singing bowl sessions are amazing. I travel for 30 minutes to attend as often as I can.

Sara Rigby (wednesday morning class)

Jai Satya is an excellent kundalini yoga teacher. She really explains all the Kyras and the effects on the body. Her studio is beautiful and serene and excellent equipment including meditation cushions bolsters blankets and back rests for meditation, all very clean. Her gong and singing bowl meditations are wonderful and enhanced by her application of sweet smelling essential oils! . Highly recommend.

Jodie Spiers (workshop)

I went to a Sunday workshop led by Jai at Still I Rise and it was just what i needed, my energy was invigorated through my whole body, before Jai provided space and time to settle. As a yoga teacher myself it is really nice to get to go to a class and feel held by the teacher but also work aspects of the body/mind that i may not do in my own practice, and Jai was able to offer this.

Natalia Kuznetsova (wednesday evening class)

Still I Rise studio is a warm and welcoming space where everyone feels comfortable and at ease from the very first moment. Jai Satya is an amazing teacher with a multitude of skills, no one session is the same. I particularly enjoy her gong bath classes - not so readily available outside central London area. Singing bowls experience is sublime and totally transcendent. One feels totally revitalised and peaceful after each session. Highly recommended.

Leo Canning (wednesday evening class)

Hello there. On my first ever class i was a bit nervous as i didn't really know what to expect but as soon as i walked in i was greeted by a lovely smile from the instructor and a very friendly class. The studio itself is just beautiful. It was all very relaxing & really rather fun. I left feeling amazing. Very recommended.