5 Days (4 nights)Easter Break Retreat Course

9 - 13 April 2020

Journey through Chakras and Sound Healing


Beautiful countryside cottage near Horncastle (LN9 6QB) which is a bit of a hidden gem that I didn’t expect to find in this area. I have experienced the food and stay myself 3 years ago and have been thinking of coming back ever since! It's a very special energetically charged place surrounded with 40 acres of land with unique Chakra path walk. It boasts with beautiful gardens, pond, meditation room, library,  as well as bright and spacious yoga room enriched with large crystals, colour healing and sonic instruments collection. So, the natural vibration of this place would really support us in this transformative journey.


All inclusive food catering includes 3 daily vegetarian meals and tea breaks prepared with their own bio-dynamically grown vegetables and herbs from own gardens and 500 acre Bio-dynamic farm or neighbouring organic farms.​ I can assure you won't miss any meat as the food there is truly delicious and skillfully cooked.

* Course content

This course takes you on the journey of systematically working though 1 to 7 Chakras.  Each Chakra session consists of Kundalini yoga kriya, meditation and lecture about main characteristics and methods of balancing. The experience is further enhanced with group Chakra healing sound bath's and Chakra path walk at the farm. 

Chakra Path 

Chakra Path walk at Shire Farm is a transformational experience. The land has been mapped into areas that mirror the human chakra energy system. These areas are marked with standing stones which feature symbols and glyphs created to enhance their natural vibration and provide a focal point for quite contemplation.​

* What are Chakras and why it is important to have them open

*Chakras represent energy Centres mapped in the body along the spine. They are naturally designed to rotate as clockwise energetic vortex in order to intake and dispose of energy in the most efficient way. Each Chakra relates to certain area of life, organs and glands in the body. If any Chakra is closed which can happen due to stress, disappointment or traumatic experience, a person can experience malfunctioning in the corresponding area of life and part of the body. For example blocked Heart Chakra can trigger problems in relationships, grief, loneliness, attracting wrong people, inability giving and receiving love, heart and lungs problems.

Balancing Chakras can help with normalizing relationships, mental and physical health, eliminating unwanted patterns; releasing blocked emotions such us fear, anger, childhood traumas; improve abundance, self esteem, energy reserves, clarity and happiness.

* What will you achieve with this course

By the end of the course not only you would experience your potential for transformation and healing  but learn how to to access, balance and maintain your Chakra flow open going forward and take some valuable tools into to your daily life.

Tools of balancing and maintaining Chakra balance include: Kundalini yoga exercises, meditation and sounds, colour therapy, food/diet recommendation, working with your gem stones, essential oils, working with nature, positive affirmations and examples of certain behaviour patterns.

* Schedule

 9 April (Activities on this day are optional, please feel free to arrive as late as you need)

14:00 Arrival

14:30 - Tea and cake

15:15 - Chakra Path Walk 

18:30 - Dinner

20:00 - Introduction and Tune in Meditation​

10 - 12 April

7:30 - Kundalini Yoga and meditation (1, 3, 5 Chakras)

9:00 - Breakfast

10:00 - Lecture (1, 3, 5 Chakras)

12:00 - Lunch

14:30 - Tea and Cake

15:00 - Lecture ( 2, 4, 6 Chakras)

17:00 - Kundalini Yoga and meditation (2, 4, 6 Chakras)

18:00 - Dinner

20:00 - Sound Bath

21:00 - Silent departure into quiet self activities or bed time​

13 April

7:30 - Kundalini Yoga and meditation (7 Chakra)

9:00 - Breakfast

10:00 - Lecture (7 Chakra)

11:30 - Tea and cake

12:00 - Conclusion, tune out meditation and certificates

13:00 - Departure

* What is included

All food, stay and programme (classes and lectures)

* Course materials included

Chakra stone set, pendulum, course notes and Certificate of course completion.

* What is not included

Commuting/transfer to the villa
* Your personal Chakra flow test is not included in the course but can be arranged as short one to one (~15 min) on site or alternatively you will have an opportunity to tune into and access them yourself with varies clues.

* Prices per person for Still I Rise Yoga students: Early Bird offer until 5th January 2020

Quadruple room occupancy  - £595

Triple room occupancy  - £640

Twin room occupancy  - £695

Single - £760 

Double - £760 (£595 pp for double occupancy) 

Places are limited, so it is recommended to book your place fast to avoid disappointment and sell out of a specific occupancy! Payment stages can be worked out if needed.

Please email to office@stillirise.co.uk to book or call Tali Jai 07703812438 if you have any questions.

The retreat will be truly an amazing and healing experience and I am looking forward to welcome you there !

Chakra Path Walk Map