Transform your life in 40 Days Course

Course is suitable for anyone who is at a crossroads, seeking change, a greater understanding of themselves and a more fulfilling life. It can also help with the prevention of and/or aid any existing physical, mental and emotional blocks, complaints and illnesses. ​Jai believes that our mind, emotions, body, soul, energetic field and therefore results/manifestations in life are interconnected. So, by balancing one we can influence another.


Three by weekly intensive sessions ~ 2.5 hours each 

1) Each Session starts with initial talk/consultation, scanning your needs/imbalances, its roots and forming intentions. On the 2nd and 3rd session progress is discussed. Other Psychological methods can be used as needed e.g., counselling, working with trauma (healing inner child)

2)Therapeutic session, received lying down with eyes closed. Unique method of energy, sound & vibration healing is used that balances Chakras (Energy Centres that mapped along your spine). It is also the time for the psyche to process and integrate the work completed at the talking part and deeply relax.

3) Between sessions you will be given exercises to do and recommendations according to your personal needs which will be covered at the end.

Investment: £600

Location: Sessions are held in High Wycombe or Mill Hill. Home visits are available, please query.

P.S. Course is not designed to diagnose or treat specific conditions. This is a complementary therapy which can go along side your other medical treatments.

Drop in Healing session

Drop in healing session is a great  after care tool available for you once you completed the course for a regular or occasional boost up of your progress and motivation.