The ability to relax is essential for physical and mental well-being. However relaxing is difficult for most people in our busy digital age because of subliminal level of emotional conflict or turmoil. Kundalini Yoga gives people the tools to be able to truly relax.

Relaxation in an important part of the rhythm of exercise and change in Kundalini Yoga. The physiological and neural state is elevated after completing a Kundalini Yoga kriya. During this state, relaxation serves several functions:


  • Rejuvenating, especially the parasympathetic nervous system

  • Distributing of prana (our life force) stimulated by the exercises

  • Releasing rigid patterns in the muscles and blood flow

  • Circulating glandular changes

  • Centering one’s emotional energies

  • Learning how to handle and letting go.

  • “Memorizing” the relaxation sensation

  • Integrating a new pattern after an old one is broken

  • creating a rhythm or pulse of energy