About Alchemy Bowls Sound Bath


Why alchemy crystal bowls are so profound...

Our  entire human body down to our DNA is crystalline in structure, causing to respond and resonate with the extraordinary frequencies associated with quartz crystal. The specific harmonic energy that emanates from crystal singing bowls is determined not only only by the bowl size and shape but the the combining of pure quartz with other elements including precious gems and minerals. The resulting Alchemy tones are powerful tools for transformation and healing.





Relaxation of the nervous system and the mind, receive the pure energetic properties of gemstones minerals and metals through crystal sound waves, release blockages and stagnant energies, support the bodies natural healing response, harmonise imbalances and clear distortions within the mind and emotions, release trauma and shock held in the body and energetic field from recent and/or past events, balance the chakra, normalise endocrine system, release negative subconscious blocks and patterns, open up to new opportunities.

What happens during the session

Session can be received lying down on the yoga mat with cushions and blankets or sitting down. Participants have their eyes closed. Bowls are played by themselves or in combination with voice guided meditation instructions


In House 1 to 1 session (1 hour ) - £90 *Special offer* Block of 4 - £290

Outcall private session (1 hour) - £120 *Special offer* Block of 4 - £390


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